Family History ACT

The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.


Volunteering to help your society

Please volunteer for council to assist with the running and determining the future direction of HAGSOC.

As is often the case with volunteer organisations the pool of people who commit time to assist in the running and guiding of the HAGSOC is small. We have many wonderful volunteers who assist the functioning of HAGSOC in many ways from assisting in the library and at courses, and cleaning and tidying up the place. Few, however, step forward to take on the critical leadership roles on council.

It would be great if a few new people would put themselves forward to take on Council roles. This would also lighten the load for all council members.

About HAGSOC Council Positions

The Society is governed by a Council consisting of four Executive Members, i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and eight other Ordinary Councillors, all twelve of whom are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, plus the Immediate Past President. Nominations for election to Council are open to all members who are financial members at the time of the election.


Chairs all Council and Executive meetings and ensures the proper running of the Society according to the Constitution and By-Laws and represents the Society at various external organisations. Currently the president is also responsible for collating and distributing the monthly President’s Newsletter.


Supports the president as required and deputises in the absence of the President, at Council and Executive meetings; oversights archival and editorial matters and Society projects and programs. The vice president also acts as Council contact for all Special Interest Groups.


Prepares the agenda and keeps minutes for all meetings of Council and Executive; keeps minutes of all elections and appointments of office bearers and Council members; maintains and presents to Council lists of all inwards and outwards correspondence; prepares and circulates notices of meetings; advises relevant information to be publicised at monthly meetings and in other appropriate media.


Maintains the income and expense records of the Society, develops yearly budgets; oversights the financial and business management of the Society by the provision of advice and recommendations for the continuous improvement of financial management practice. Currently there are a team of Financial Assistants helping with the day to day financial transactions.


Up to 8 elected members serve in the management of the Society and take responsibility for various aspects of the Society’s activities, either personally or supported by a team of volunteers from among the membership.